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Geelong Triathlon Coaching is Geelong's only full time triathlon coaching service and has coached multiple age group world champions. You are in good hands. Get in touch with us today. Click Here!

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Geelong Triathlon Coaching and Training

Geelong triathlon coaching and training offer comprehensive triathlon coaching programs in Geelong to help you reach your goals. No matter what form of training you are interested in, online or in person, we are here to help you develop your stamina, your strength and your endurance to ensure that you are ready to meet the challenges of competing in a triathlon.

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Geelong Triathlon Training for Everyone!

GTC offers triathlon training in Geelong for everyone from kids all the way to seniors. If you have an interest for triathlon then we have a fitting group/squad for you.

The following squad are available:

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Whats it like to be an Age Group World Champion?


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Beginner Swim Squad Session

We've just placed a little snippet of our Beginner Swim Squads on a Tuesday Night at Geelong College. Everyone is welcome.

Ever wanted to do a Triathlon? Its possible for anyone!


Anthony Rizzo's story is a great example of a person's willingness to change their life through triathlon. Anthony Rizzo was over 147kg a few years ago and had never done a triathlon and after completing one of our triathlon training programs he completed Ironman Melbourne in March 2013. Our Beginner Triathlon Groups are the best place to start.