Geelong Waterfront


The Geelong Multisport Festival takes place in February each year on the fantastic Geelong Waterfront.  Geelong Triathlon Coaching offers exclusive coaching packages for athletes wishing to compete in the Geelong Multisport Festival.

We offer 8-16 Week Individual preparation training programs with exclusive knowledge of the course and the race.  Our Geelong Triathlon Coaches have raced over the course and won over the course so your triathlon training programs could not be in better hands.

We also have a range of 'Do it yourself' training program options athletes who are looking to tackle the event for the first time and specifically for the 70.3 event.  Our Geelong 70.3 Beginner Triathlon Training Program is available from our website.

Run over 3 Days, events range from fun runs, kids triathlons, open water events and of course 'The Geelong 70.3' of Half Ironman Event.

More information is available here for the Geelong Multisport Festival


2013 Geelong Multisport Festival Highlights

2012 Geelong Multisport Festival Highlights

2011 Geelong Multisport Festival Highlights