24 Week 'First Time Ironman' Training Program

Geelong Triathlon Coaching has designed a range of "Step by Step" do it yourself triathlon training programs that are available for purchase from as little as $4 Per Week. These training programs come with the full instruction package from starting your first training session to crossing the finish line. They are easy to follow and have been designed by Level 3 Elite Triathlon Coach - Jarrod Evans.

The program below is a sample week of our 12 Week Beginner "Do you first Tri" Training Program. It is not reflective of all our training programs available, but the below is a guide as to how they are set. Check out some of our TESTIMONIALS.

To the right of this page is our range of available training programs for purchase. We thank-you for coming to this website and taking on the "triathlon" challenge.



Doing your first Ironman and need a program?

Geelong Triathlon Coaching has designed a 24 Week Training Program specifically designed for getting 1st timers through their first Ironman event from start to finish. Everything has been thought of here, and it is the 100% complete guide to making sure you enjoy your day and all for only $2.50 Per Week!!!

All training sessions have been designed for a person who has done a shorter event, like an Olympic Distance Triathlon or 70.3 Event, but isn’t greatly experienced, but wants to increase their training and experience to complete in the ultimate event. It is highly recommended that an athlete competes in a 70.3 event as part of their training during this 24 Week Training Program. We recommend somewhere between 6-12weeks out from your target race day.

For a one off payment of only $60 you get the following:

    • Your 24 Week – Step by Step Ironman Training Program
    • Program Definitions Sheet
    • Program Instructions Sheet
    • Ironman Race Plan (a complete 'how to' guide from swim start to run finish)
    • Ironman Nutrition Plan for Training
    • Ironman Nutrition Plan for Pre Race
    • Ironman Nutrition Plan for your Race
    • Ironman Recovery Plan

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